Barry goldwater and lyndon johnson the issues of the election of 1964

Goldwater became a widower inand in he married Susan Wechsler, a nurse 32 years his junior. His fervor against Communism was positively frightening. He delivered a captivating acceptance speech, to which "he devoted more care Goldwater immediately tried to stick it to LBJ, his arch-enemy, by choosing as his running mate William Miller, whose chief qualification was that LBJ hated him.

He steamrolled over every obstacle party leaders had placed in his way. He had been U. General election First page of the Civil Rights Act of Although Goldwater had been successful in rallying conservatives, he was unable to broaden his base of support for the general election. All this happened despite the uncompetitive nature of the election.

Senate as a member of the Republican Party and unseated incumbent Democrat Ernest McFarlandwho had served in the body since Similarly, 10 of the 12 states plus D.

Reagan gave a well-received televised speech supporting Goldwater; it was so popular that Goldwater's advisors had it played on local television stations around the nation. Johnson with Senator Goldwater, January 16, U.

Eisenhowerin JulyGoldwater replied, "One Eisenhower in a generation is enough. The team won every mayoral and council election for the next two decades. Nixon, a moderate with ties to both wings of the GOP, had been able to unite the factions in ; in his absence the way was clear for the two factions to engage in an all-out political civil war for the nomination.

Shortly before the Republican convention, CBS reporter Daniel Schorr wrote from Germany that "It looks as though Senator Goldwater, if nominated, will be starting his campaign here in Bavariacenter of Germany's right wing. Rockefeller, who had been leading in the polls over other Republican candidates by a comfortable margin just weeks previously, saw a significant decrease in support for his candidacy.

Meanwhile, a Gallup poll showed that former Vice President Richard Nixon, [17] who had not shown an interest in the Republican nomination after losing the presidential election and the gubernatorial race in California, [18] led Goldwater, 52 percent to 48 percent among Republicans in a two-way race.

The wealthy two-term Empire State executive had recently divorced his first wife in an era when politicians were expected not to do that, whatever the circumstances. The conservatives favored a low-tax, small federal government which supported individual rights and business interests and opposed social welfare programs.

Barry Goldwater

As an Air Force Reserve major general, he continued piloting aircraft, to include the B Stratofortressuntil late in his military career. In the tempestuous days after the assassination, Johnson helped to calm national hysteria and ensure continuity in the presidency.

He accused the Eisenhower administration of violating the Constitution by assuming powers reserved by the states. Hatred of Rockefeller in particular was at a fever pitch. While he agreed that under the law, every state should have integrated its schools, each state should integrate in its own way.

And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. But did it really sway that many votes? Shortly before the Republican Convention, he had alienated moderate Republicans by his vote against the Civil Rights Act of ,[10] which Johnson championed and signed into law.

The conservatives also resented the dominance of the GOP's moderate wing, which was based in the Northeastern United States. In the early s, Goldwater had called the Eisenhower administration "a dime store New Deal ", and the former president never fully forgave him or offered him his full support in the election.

Although foreign affairs had not been a central issue in much of the campaign, American military involvement in Vietnam did weigh heavily on Johnson. The stakes are too high for you to stay home. Amid this speculation, Goldwater disclosed via a two-paragraph telegram that he would hold a press conference at his Phoenix, Arizona home to announce his "decision, regarding His quick remarriage to Happy Murphy and the birth of their son just days before the critical California primary only served to remind the GOP base of his infidelity.

Barry Goldwater presidential campaign, 1964

He left behind a huge collection of Native American kachina dolls. His only solid support came from the deep South, where he was the first Republican to win in many districts since Reconstruction.

Goldwater's vote against the legislation helped cause African-Americans to overwhelmingly support Johnson. Goldwater rebuilt the weak Republican party and was instrumental in electing Howard Pyle as Governor in Goldwater had a habit of making blunt statements about warnuclear weaponsand economics that could be turned against him.

Wallace won 30 percent or more of the Democratic vote in the WisconsinIndianaand Maryland primaries. They decided to wait until after the mid-term elections to choose a favored candidate.

Untilpresidential nominees from the party of Lincoln would often receive up to a third of the black vote. Democrats owe a debt of gratitude to Goldwater for creating a near-consensus among African-Americans for their party.

Goldwater was instrumental in pushing the Pentagon to support desegregation of the armed services. Byhe had attained the rank of brigadier general in the Air Force Reserve Commandand was a major general by It was a Democratic landslide year, with President Lyndon Baines Johnson winning percent of the popular vote and electoral votes to Sen.

Barry Goldwater’s paltry percent and The United States presidential election of was the sixth-most lopsided presidential election in the history of the United States behind the elections of, and (in terms of electoral votes; in terms of popular vote, it was the fifth-most).

President Lyndon B. Johnson. United States presidential election ofAmerican presidential election held on November 3,in which Democratic Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson defeated Republican Barry Goldwater in one of the largest landslides in U.S. history. The campaign. The election occurred just less than one year after the assassination of Pres.

John F. Kennedy in Dallas. Nov 04,  · The United States presidential election of was the 45th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 3, Lyndon B. Johnson Democratic Barry Goldwater Republican Unpledged Electors Unpledged Democratic United States presidential election, topic.

The Most Consequential Elections in History: Lyndon Johnson and the Election of Johnson's overreaching in Vietnam was seen by Americans as an expensive mistake.

In the election this fall, which will go far to determine the conduct of the United States in the next twenty-five years, we stand for the election of President Lyndon B.


Barry goldwater and lyndon johnson the issues of the election of 1964
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